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This is an enviromental organization that promotes sustainability and social responsibility through personal activations towards the planet. This organization was established within the frameworks of a project of the Ad and Pr lab of the Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences in Greece in 2016. Our founding team is combined by 5 different members, all interested in the preservation and protection of our environment.

The GreenAct group focuses mainly on creating opportunities for everyone to try and protect the environment and health of their cities by taking their own initiatives. After all any kind of problem is important and any kind of action is crucial to improving and helping our planet.

So, help us save the environment one act at the time.

In our website you can:

  • submit your own enviromental actions
  • take part in enviromental activations
  • read success stories of our organization
  • send us messages and ask questions
  • subscribe to our newsletter and be informed of every new act near your area
  • follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
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Who We Are


    Amanda Voulgari          Daphne Diapouli Preftitsi          Effrossyni Karpozilou


   Katerina Konstantinopoulou      Anastasia Simeonidi

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