Here you can read the stories of our activations that actually happened and succeeded.
From reforestations to simply cleaning out areas we have and will continue to support and promote the actions of each and every one of us!
You can add your own story by simply submitting it to us through the Contact sector.


Making Our Neighborhood Green Again!
Location: Melbourne
Date: 18/11/2016

I still remember like yesterday the flood that destroyed our neighborhood and houses in 2015. However what happened took its toll not only on our homes, cars and personal property but it also costed the life of many trees that were torn down by the water and wind. This resulted in a distructed looking neighborough which reminded us nothing of what it used to be before the flood. The extreme overflow of water also drowned many remaining trees leaving the scenery dry and green-less.

In the course of the next months me and my neighbors slowely started building our homes again and replacing whatever was lost in that flood, but noones insurance or pocket could cover what had been done to the nature of our vicinity. In our many meetings we discussed what could be done and how a group effort was what we needed most to succeed.

That’s how we found out about GreenAct and the opportunities that come with it. We came in contact with the group in no time and submitted an action of planting trees in the main roads of our neighborhood in order to restore some of what had been destroyed. After a month of wait enough people from here and the areas around volunteered to make that action into reality.

So one sunny day of November we all gathered together, brought one plant each and any tools that we could find and alongside with some members of the GreenAct group we managed to make our homes and roads green again. GreenAct has definitely been one of the best ecological organizations and despite the fact that they are new they acted like professionals, bringing all kinds of people together for one united reason: our environment.

Thank you GreenAct,

Kristen T.

Green Campus Revolution
Location: Chicago, USA
Date: 21/10/2016

I was raised in an environment where recycling, eco-friendly lighting and a programmable thermostat at home, made me aware at an early age about energy saving benefits. As a result, I couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful I’d be if my campus was more environmentally friendly.

With this thought on my mind, nine months ago, I started looking for a way to recruit more people who could help me make this action into reality. That’s how I found out GreenAct and the opportunities it offered. I submitted the action of an eco-friendly initiative concerning my university and I was pleasantly surprised that after 25 days more than 70 students from my uni and people from the near area, volunteered to help me promote sustainability on campus. Ten days later, we all gathered together, shared our ideas and created a plan.

Despite the distance, the GreenAct members helped us not only to form our campus eco-friendly team, but they also proposed several environment-themed projects and campaigns we could organize.

With our initiative, over the past 6 months, the university has started a recycling program by ensuring a 1-to-1 ratio of recycling bins and trash cans on campus. The idea is to make faculty and staff responsible for what we throw away so that we can be more conscious of what we are putting in the trash can and whether it can be recycled instead. Additionally, on main campus (all dining halls, shared kitchens, and faculty break areas), we have separate streams for white paper, mixed paper, aluminum, and plastics. We have also organized some environment-themed projects, including tree plantings and street cleanups.

This year we hope to organize an on-campus conservation contest, that pits dorms against each other to see who could use the least amount of energy!

I hope that in the future we could find more ways to make our campus eco-friendly and that students will graduate with an understanding of how to address environmental issues wherever their career path may lead them.

With the sincerest gratitude,

Johnny S.

New Playground In Florida
Location: Florida, USA
Date: 13/1/2017

On the 16th of May, my neighbors and I decided that it was time to take action and find the necessary volunteers and funds to rebuilt our neighborhood’s old playground. The structures and the equipment of the playground were old and definitely not safe for our children to use any more.

In sunny Florida, the best part of any child’s day is when they can get outside to enjoy fresh air and warm weather. But as you can imagine, it was impossible for the children in our neighborhood to enjoy endless hours of outdoor fun in this old and dangerous installation.

Even though we live in a small community, we strongly believed that our kids deserved a safe place to play and a friendly place for families to gather. GreenAct was the perfect way to find volunteers, who helped us not only come up with a plan and raise funds, but also contributed in the actual rebuilding.

Over the spun of 7 months more than 100 volunteers reached out to us and after a lot of meetings, research and work our dream came true and a brand-new playground was finally assembled. I am grateful to each one of the volunteers that helped us, in any way they could, rebuild a family friendly place that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Finally, for the first time in years, our kids have a space to play, climb, swing and slide down from with this new playground. They now have a safe space to have fun and enjoy exploratory activities that are both physically and mentally engaging.

We honestly feel like we have begun a new chapter of our history creating community and opportunity for generations of families.

I cannot say thank you enough for making this action possible GreenAct.

Mark L.

The Reforestation Of Our Souls
Location: Melissia, Greece
Date: 4/10/2016

Dear GreenAct, My name is Kostas and I would like to express on behalf of all the citizens the immense gratitude we feel for your assistance in the reforestation of our local grove in the area of Melissia.

Through GreenAct we were able to reach out and gather more than 50 volunteers that helped us replant and regenerate areas of the forest, which had previously been damaged by the summer fires.

This is an action that demonstrates the high sense of social responsibility and love for the environment that characterizes the people who created this organization. I firmly believe that this is a crucial move for the future of not only our country but in general the whole world.

Not only because GreenAct, through its actions has helped to upgrade the state and health of the environment of our city and the lives of each one of us, but mainly because it gave our children the opportunity to come closer to nature, through their participation in the reforestation.

In a sense, it was the perfect lesson to increase environmental awareness. Because a city without its nature is a man without his soul!

Kostas T.